O projeto INTERACT (“Integrative Research in Environment, Agro-Chians and Technology”) esteve em dois congressos internacionais na Grécia e Portugal. Dedicados à temática da Geomática e de Sistemas de Informação Geográfica, o Geomapplica 2018 e o FOSS4G decorreram entre os meses de junho e julho. INTERACT projet was in two international congresses in Greece and Portugal. Dedicated to the thematics of Geomatics and Geographic Informations Systems (GIS), the Geomapplica 2018 and the FOSS4G took place between June and July.

From BEST Research Line (Bio-Economy and Sustainability), research fellow Nathalie Guimarães present Development of a Web Apllication to provide and analyze Geographic Information that still in development.

The researcher is working out a “web application with geographical character”, which has one goal: the “integration and analysis of the results of all researchrers” of the research line.

Nathalie Guimarães makes a “positive assessment” of her participation in Geomapplica 2018.  With the poster “Development of a Web Application to provide and analyze Geographic Information”, her presentation focused on “an illustration of the technical component used in the development”, and after focused in the “integrative component of the project”. For Nathalie, this experience represents “an excellent sharing of the researchers’ work from different countries”. This experience brings a backgrounds that gives to her “new ideas” and “a new motiviation for the development of my work”, researcher said. This international event o  geomatics, remote sensing and GIS application took place last June in Syros, Greece.

Her presence on FOSS4G was “fundamental”. In the event held in Guimarães last July, which is considered the best world congress of opensource technologies in the GIS’ area, the researcher focused on explaining the objectives of the project, detailing “all techniques implemented and all opensource software used” .

This presence made her aware of “new software and technologies” opensource and free, besides the constant “sharing  of interesting work in the GIS’ area”, researcher said.

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