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They took place on 16 November in UTAD, the first Days INTERACT – Integrative Research in Environment, Agro-Chains and Technology.

INTERACT is a project that is being developed by UTAD and you want to know the opportunities and the productive potential based on the local economy, particularly in the field of agri-food based resources in animal production (meat and milk), vegetables, fruits, olives, nuts, wine, forest and native plants, and medicinal plants.

The goal is to increase production and product quality (adding commercial value) arising out of the main crops in the northern region, which requires the development of specific technology and additional value from the resulting waste and effluents of these production chains, exploring therefore its value, preserving the sustainability and biodiversity.

The overall proposal of INTERACT has three lines of research: Innovation for Sustainable Agrifood Chains (ISAC), in conjunction lines: Bio economy and Sustainability (BEST) and Sustainable Viticulture and Wine Production (VitalyWine). These lines are in close connection with the Central Research groups Research and Agri-Environmental Technology & Medicine (CITAB) including Eco integrity Biosystems Engineering and Chains Sustainable Agri-Food, the joining other experts in the fields of socio-economics, chemistry, ecology, geology, molecular biology or veterinary sciences, thus contributing several researchers from other centers UTAD, including the Chemistry Center, CETRAD and CECAV.

With free entry to all interested parties, these days with the participation of several researchers who presented several research works within the INTERACT lines.

Funded by the System for Support of Scientific and Technological Research and FEDER funds, it lasts for three years, an eligible investment of over four million, involves about 70 researchers UTAD and will provide about 40 scientific jobs.

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