Project 5 - Outlining pitfalls concerning winery residues: A phytochemical perspective to enhance valorisation opportunities

ETIS: Ana Isabel Barros, Miguel António Rodrigues

Activity 5.1 - Quantification of bioactive pesticides, toxins, antinutrients, and  (poly)phenols present in winery by-products by spectrophotometric and chromatographic screening methods;

Activity 5.2 - Assessment of the changes in the identified and quantified compounds during storage and processing;

Activity 5.3 - Identification of the major bioactive phenolic compounds in grape pomace, grape stems, and wine lees, to support rational innovative applications for these materials by food and cosmetic industries;

Activity 5.4 - Development and validation of a multivariate based approach, allowing the straightforward determination of the composition of these residues by solely FTIR (NIR/MIR), in order to immediately evaluate the optimal destination and timing for valorising of these residues;

Activity 5.5 - Design and development of optimal valorisation procedures, according to the specific constitution of each residue.