Project 4 - Data driven solutions for precision viticulture

ETIS: Pedro Melo, Ana Ferreira, Carlos Serôdio

The project will focus primarily in 2 activities:

Activity 4.1 - Digital vineyard

Design and development of an integrated evolving system for online vineyard monitoring.

  • Data acquisition and communication infrastructure: Development of an easily deployable custom embedded systems, for data acquisition and transmission.
  • Data Communications: There will be two levels of data communications: in-field data communications between sensors and data loggers, and, long-range data communications.
  • Data storage and exporting: Data streams are uploaded to a database server (or cluster of servers) that will store and pre-classify data (e.g. geo-reference). Data will be available on-line;

Activity 4.2 - Grape and vineyard quality assessment

Development of nondestructive methods for vineyard water stress, varieties/clones classification and grape maturity estimation.

  • Vineyard water stress assessment: Water stress evaluation, which is gaining renewed importance in climate changing scenarios, is one of the challenges the north area of Portugal is facing regarding viticulture. In this project hyperspectral imaging and water content sensoring will be used to evaluate grapevine water stress in same commercial vineyards described in Project 2.
  • Varieties/clones classification: Portugal has, probably, the world largest number of indigenous grapevine varieties and each variety can have hundreds of clones. Identifying varieties and clones is relevant for quality management and tracking of grapevine material.
  • Grape maturity estimation: The project will apply local and hyperspectral imaging to assess grape and vineyard quality. Grape maturity will be estimated to better define the harvest date evaluating the grapes sugar content, pH, and anthocyanin concentration. Different grape varieties will be studied, focusing on Portuguese varieties particularly those used throughout Douro region.