Project 2 ‐ Grapevine management measures at short‐term and their effects on wine quality

ETIS: José Moutinho Pereira, Maria Cortez, Isaura Castro, José Brito, Virgílio Falco

Activity 2.1 The establishment of field trials

Activity 2.2 Grapevine development evaluation

Activity 2.3 Grapevine physiological studies, oxidative stress and antioxidant defense system

Activity 2.4 Use of molecular techniques to analyze the consequence of ROS increased production under stress scenario both at chromosomal and DNA levels

Activity 2.5 Combining high‐throughput omics with biochemical and physiological approaches to identify and characterize biomarkers of berry quality and environmental stress acclimation and adaptation.

Activity 2.6 Yield components and fruit and wine composition