Project 1 ‐ Maximizing soil functional agrobiodiversity for a more sustainable viticulture

ETIS: Laura Torres, João Coutinho Mendes

This Project aims to identify soil management practices that are likely to enhance the functioning of the soil biota of Douro Demarcated Region vineyards, both to support sustainable viticulture and to deliver ecosystem service benefits; also it is intended to develop tools to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge to stakeholders.


- To understand how the use of compost and biochar in Douro vineyards, have impact on soil functional biodiversity and soil functions such as soil structural maintenance, organic matter and nutrient cycling, and water regulation;

- To evaluate the impact on ecosystem services such as crop production (vine yield and grape quality parameters), and conservation biological control of pests and diseases;

- To contribute to the improvement of soil bio-indicators needed to assess the environmental impact of farming practices.