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Apresentações das 2.as Jornadas INTERACT

Foram 34 apresentações orais por parte dos bolseiros de investigação contratados, divididos pelas 3 linhas que constituem o Projeto: a Linha Inovação para Cadeias Agroalimentares Sustentáveis (ISAC), em articulação com duas outras linhas: Bioeconomia e Sustentabilidade (BEST) e Viticultura Sustentável e Produção de Vinho (VitalyWine).

(pdfPrograma das 2as Jornadas INTERACT)

Apresentações da linha ISAC:

Sofia Santos e Mariana Almeida “Chemical composition and in situ dry matter degradability of Mediterranean legume grains”

Alfredo Aires “Strategies to enhance nutritional quality and bioactive compounds in two varieties of almonds (Glorieta and Masbovera) grown under a sustainable production system”

Sandra Martins “Analysis of differential gene expression in Blueberries”

Alexandre Fradeira Gonçalves “Crop management practices in olive groves”

Luís Félix “Chemical composition, antiradicalar capacity and antiproliferative activity of extracts obtained from selected species from Lamiaceae and Asteraceae family”

Carla Miranda “Emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide during the storage of cattle slurry subjected to different treatments“

Ana Sofia Soares “Evaluation of the survival of E. coli and Enterococcus spp. during the storage of cattle slurry under different treatments.”

Sandra Pinto Martins “Foliar application of natural compounds in olive trees”

Miguel Ribeiro “Proteomics approach to assess the natural variability of hazelnut allergens”

Apresentações da linha VITALITY WINE:

Fátima Gonçalves “Effect of soil management practices on abundance and diversity of soil arthropods in vineyards”

Vanessa Almeida “Effect of temperature and moisture on mineralization and nitrification rates in vineyard soils”

Artur Conde “Unveiling the influence of kaolin foliar application on key molecular mechanisms associated with grape berry quality – from source leaves to sinks”

Cláudia Castro “Evaluation of the effect of different zinc concentrations in grapevine canes grown hydroponically”

Ana Luísa Taveira “Genetic analysis of the VvMybA1 berry colour gene in Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca”

Ana Catarina Luzio “Kaolin affects the physiology of grapevine and quality of berries under summer stress”

João Paulo Coutinho “Viticultural strategies under a changing climate: first results of two varieties and two pruning systems in the “Douro Superior subregion”

Ana Monteiro “Anatomical and histological characterization of Alvarinho, Fernão-Pires, Loureiro grapevines varieties: A flower and berry study”

Catarina Barbosa “Microbiome of Douro vineyards and its adaptive potential to dry and warm conditions”

Irene Gouvinhas “Evaluation of the phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of extracts and isolate compounds of winery by-products”

Manuela Machado “Data driven solutions for precision viticulture – Grape and vineyard quality assessment”

Rui Madureira “Hyperspectral Image Preprocessing”

Luís Coutinho “Data driven Web application for grape data storage and analysis”

Apresentações da linha BEST:

Regina Santos “Hydrologic impacts of land use changes in the Sabor River Basin: a historical view and future perspectives”

Daniela Terêncio “Rainwater harvesting in catchments: can green mosaic landscapes sustain agro-forestry uses?”

António Fernandes “Path modelling analysis of anthropogenic pressures and their environmental consequences in catchments”

Isilda Menezes “Adaptations of agroforestry systems to environmental changes: outcomes and achievements of the first year”

Ana Sofia Faria “First year milestones of the epidemiological study of the occurrence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in wild boars and parasitizing ticks of the Trás-os-Montes region"

Margarida Nunes-Pereira “First year milestones of the epidemiological study of the occurrence of Leptospira interrogans in the wild fauna of the Trás-os-Montes region.”

Carlos Amor “Winery wastewater treatment by sulfate radical oxidation processes: thermal, UV radiation and transition metal activation”

Teresa Enes “Residual biomass quantification of the main forest species existing in the Ave and Sabor basins”

Paula Pinto “Chemical characterization and toxicity evaluation of aqueous extracts of Chestnut burs.”

André Fonseca “Very high resolution climatic characterization of Northern Portugal and hydrological modeling”

Tiago Mucha “What drives sustainable behaviour of farmers and food consumers?”

Nathalie Guimarães “Geo Data Web publishing”