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1.as Jornadas do Projeto INTERACT

1st Scientific Journeys of the INTERACT Project

The 1st Scientific Journeys of the INTERACT project will take place on November 16, starting at 8:30 am in the Laboratory Complex auditorium B0.01.

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Sessão de abertura, Reitor da UTAD, Prof Fontainhas Fernandes, Investigador Responsável do Projeto, Prof Rui Cortes e Diretor do CITAB, Prof Eduardo Rosa

Ana Rita Ferreira “Impacts of multiple anthropogenic pressures on catchment water quality and biodiversity assessed by nested partial least squares regressions” [Best]

Sofia Ribeiro e Mariana Dantas Almeida "Introduction of Mediterranean legume grains for animal feeding" [ISAC]

Fátima Gonçalves “Effect of green cover, biochar and compost in the increment of ecosystem services provided by soil arthropods to vineyards” [VitalityWine]

Ana Sofia Faria “Epidemiological study and ecological modelling of the occurrence of Lyme borreliosis in the wild boar (Sus scrofa) population of the Trás-os-Montes region: methodology and preliminary results” [Best]

Alfredo Aires “Productivity-enhancing crop research in a changing environment: Nutritional and functional evaluation of the effects of cropping practices and mitigation measures” [ISAC]

Vanessa Arada de Almeida “Nitrification rates in vineyard soils” [VitalityWine]

André Fonseca “Statistical Downscalling Strategies for Very High Resolution Climatic Datasets” [Best]

Bernardete Vieira “Preserving Water Resources: transference mechanisms of phosphorus and metals among soils sediments and water” [Best]

Sandra Martins “Blueberries and anthocyanin: a genetic approach” [ISAC]

Claudia Castro “Protocol optimization for mitotic chromosome spreads of Vitis vinifera L.” [VitalityWine]

Daniela Terêncio “Planning the location of sustainable rainwater harvesting systems in small watersheds for agro-forestry uses” [Best]

Ana Luisa Taveira “Yield components and fruit and wine composition” [VitalityWine]

Isilda Menezes “Mitigation and adaptation of agro-forestry systems to environmental changes: preliminary results” [Best]

Leonor Ferreira “Treatment of effluents from the industrial processing of Sambucus nigra in Távora-Varosa region by photocatalysis” [Best]

Ana Catarina Luzio “Short-term adaptation measures as the first protection strategy against climate change impacts on grapevine physiology” [VitalityWine]

Margarida Nunes Pereira “Epidemiological study of leptospirosis in key wildlife species of the Trás-os-Montes region: methodology and preliminary results” [Best]

Alexandre Gonçalves e Ermelinda Silva “Olive production: Mitigation strategies and adaptation to climate changes” [ISAC]

Paula Pinto “Characterization and valorization of olive, wine, chestnut and almond nuts industrial by-products in the North of Portugal: toxicity, bioactivity and recovery potential evaluation” [Best]

João Paulo Coutinho “Long-term management strategies for the Douro Demarcated Region: evaluation of two varieties and two pruning systems” [VitalityWine]

Ana Marques Monteiro “Evaluation of the adaptative potential of grapevine varieties by the morpho-anatomical characterization of buds and inflorescences obtained under forcing conditions” [VitalityWine]

Regina Santos “Effects of damming on the aquatic community and physico-chemical parameters in the Baixo Sabor River” [Best]

Catarina Barbosa “Microbiome of Douro vineyards and its adaptive potential to dry and warm conditions” [VitalityWine]

Véronique Gomes “Data driven solutions for precision viticulture – Grape and vineyard quality assessment” [VitalityWine]

Susana Campos e Tiago Mucha “Sustainable choices: Getting closer producers and consumers” [Best]

Luís Lourenço Félix “Screening of plant extracts for biological activity: Focus on Lamiaceae family” [ISAC]

Luís Coutinho “Web Portal to Support and Deploy Distributed Services” [VitalityWine]

Teresa Enes “Evaluation of the residual agro-forestry biomass existing in the Ave and Sabor basins” [Best]

Ana Sofia Soares e Carla Miranda ”Impact of different treatments on Escherichia coli and on the greenhouse gases emissions during storage of cattle slurry” [ISAC]

Irene Gouvinhas “Evaluation of winery by-products to develop optimal valorization procedures” [VitalityWine]

Encerramento, Steering Committee do Projeto, Profs Luís Filipe Fernandes, Fernando Pacheco, Henrique Trindade e Moutinho Pereira